Other Solutions

e-Docs Document Management System

e-Docs is a easy, flexible, affordable and powerful document management solution that enables organizations to effectively and efficiently managing and sharing the information. It allows users to control, organize, access and share vital corporate information quickly, easily and accurately. Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, Images, Email messages, and any other type of file that needs to be saved, secured, and archived, can be managed by e-Docs Document management environment.

Now there's an information management and sharing solution that fits like a glove into your current work environment. e-Docs runs on your existing hardware, installs easily, and requires little or no training or internal support. e-Docs is modeled on the same physical dynamics you use in your present office environment. Storing documents is done in a Cabinet. Cabinet contains Folders. Folder contains Sub-Folders, which can hold Documents. Documents contain Pages.