Dp.Net - The DP BackOffice System

The advent of the Depository Operations has resulted in the settlement system being completely automated. This in turn has resulted in innumerable benefits to the general investor, the primary benefit being faster and efficient settlement system of the shares, which are bought / sold in the market.

Various Banks, Financial Institutions and Brokers are playing the role of a Depository Participant and are offering these services to their retail customers through their branches.

However, larger client base necessitates the use of an advanced DP Back Office solution to offer 24*7 services. Keeping this requirement in mind, Informatics has developed a comprehensive product for efficient DP back office Operations.

Apart from the normal requirement for a DP Operation, Dp.Net has several additional functionalities which make the DP Operations much more efficient. In addition, Dp.Net offers several value added features that would enable the DP to offer better services to be customers. Following are the key functionalities and features of Dp.Net, which can be used by DP for its benefit.

Depository was introduced to Indian capital market in the year 1995 and the investors started opening accounts in the depository and started dematerialization of the share certificates. By the year 2000 India had two depositories and electronic transfer of shares was mandatory. Soon most of the leading banks and financial institutes became members of the depositories (NSDL & CDSL) and started offering the services to customers.

We launched this product in the year 2001 and today there are more than 40 banks using this product through more than 4000 locations.

The product is used by depository participants who are normally the Banks and Financial institutes. Depository holds the securities in electronic format and the settlement of stock trades is done electronically through the DP (depository participant).

Dp.Net enables the Banks and its branches to set up a depository account, de-materialize the shares, transfer the shares, pledge the shares etc:

The clients using internet trading of the shares can block the shares online in Dp.Net using internet and proceed to trade the shares. Dp.Net is also used to send SMS & Email alerts to clients. The clients can access their accounts and transfer the shares online using internet.

This software product is developed using Microsoft .Net framework and Oracle 9i/10g as database.