BroNet - is a highly flexible broker back office solution, it's a multi-segment, multi-exchange, multi-user, browser based software designed to deliver excellent value for small, medium and large sized brokerage firms.

Key features include:

  • Powerful risk management
  • Integrated accounting system
  • Elaborate security model
  • Kiosk facility for clients
  • Real time trade processing and position monitoring
  • STP ready
  • Compliant with exchange & statutory regulations
  • DP interface for auto delivery handling
  • Integrated accounting
  • Web based branch interface with centralized database
  • Complete audit trail

BroNet offers a unified interface to multi-exchange back office activities. The accounting interface allows integrated view of client activity across segments and exchanges. The three tier web architecture of BroNet is based on highly user friendly and robust Microsoft technologies. This helps BroNet to provide significant performance benefits and quicker response times.

BroNet - Branch Connectivity

  • With branch connectivity, BroNet has a secured centralized database catering to an remote connectivity over a variety of physical media
  • This mode of branch operation is entirely browser driven, since it does not take any resource at the client end.
  • The system takes care of the integrity, authenticity and security of data across branches with appropriate user privileges specific to branch
  • Some major elements of the Branch module are Client Registration and Voucher posting with Maker/Checker facility in which a privileged user from branch enters the data but the same remains disabled till it gets approved by an authorized person at the HO
  • Various reports like trades done report, service tax report, brokerage report, F&O net position report, stock position report etc. can be generated from the branch. Cheque and Contract Note can now be printed at branch. All these activities can be monitored/controlled/negated by HO at any point of time.

The web based branch interface enables BroNet to smoothly manage a distributed network of branches, sub brokers and franchisees. The powerful configuration management features provide the flexibility needed to adapt to the practices of the broking house.

The key modules of the back office are

  • Capital Market
  • Futures and Options
  • Securities management
  • Risk management
  • Accounting

Unique Features:

  • Reports on credits and debits in various settlement types across exchanges
  • Position and mark-to-market margin computation
  • Tracking trading deposit of clients
  • Tracking of shares held by the broker on behalf of the client
  • Facility to drill down to the lowest level of detail in all relevant screens
  • Easy drag & drop features for aggregation of trades
  • Complete auditing of menu usage & logging data
  • Web enabled interface for branch office

Necessary Masters for back office

(I)  Maintaining Client Master

  • Category wise
  • Setting the Brokerage
  • Grant the Charges to the clients
  • DP Details Maintaining
  • Allot the Branch / Group
  • Maintaining UCI Details

(II)  Maintaining Scrip Master

  • ISIN Master
  • Non - Delivery Scrip Maintaining
  • Corporate Action Maintaining, BC, Div, Rights, Bonus
  • Scrip Rate Maintaining

(III)  Bank Details Maintaining

  • Bank Detail for Reference
  • Client Multiple Bank A/c Details
  • Cheque Book Master (Inventory)
  • Cheque Book Details (inventory)

(IV)  Further Necessary Masters

  • Settlement Master
  • DP Master
  • Branch Master
  • Multiple CLIENT DP ID Master

(V)  General A/c Maintaining

  • GL Maintaining like Bank Accounts, Income, Expenses Asset and Liability Accounts
  • GL Grouping

(VI)  Necessary process for TRADE UPLOAD

  • Contract upload (While in this process brokerage automatically detects in market rate, the calculated value is called NET RATE)
  • Corrections
  • Reconciliation with Front office Volume
  • Confirmation Reports
  • Daily Transaction Sheet
  • Custodial Brokerage passing for Institutions
  • Contract Notes (Form - A)
  • E - Contract process
  • Trade Export for institutions (FT - EXPORT)

(VII)   Necessary POSTING to the accounts

  • Taxes and Charges Passing
  • Like Turn over charges, Stamp Charges, Service Tax, Education Tax and Security Transaction Tax
  • Obligation (Contract) Posting for Exchange / Clients
  • Voucher Entries
  • Take Necessary reports
  • Like Settlement Balance for the clients/broker, delivery follow up reports, funds follow up report.

(VIII)   Necessary process for DELIVERIES

  • Pay-in
  • Payout
  • Client to Client follow up
  • Transfer the Shares to proper client DP accounts
  • Maintaining the shares in broker house A/c (called broker beneficiary A/c - This method is used for hold the shares of debited clients and hold the shares by client approving)


          Client should transfer and broker should follow up the pay-in deliveries in pool a/c with in 10.30 am of pay-in date which is what ever deliveries go to Exchange (Exchange Purchase)


          Deliveries come from Exchange for clients in Pool A/c on every payout date at around 2.30 pm

Client to Client follow up:

          Some / many times client sales automatically matched with other client of the firm (broker), so the broker only follow up this type of entries.

(IX)  Necessary process for closing the pending delivery position

  • By Covering (by exchange value)
  • By Auction Closed out (by exchange value)
  • Other wise deliveries comes through auction payout

(X)  Necessary REPORTS and FOLLOW UP

  • Dividend Follow up
  • Statement of Clients
  • General Accounts Reports
  • Payment follow up
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Holding Maintaining
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payments / Receipts
  • Obligation Report of Clients
  • Volume / Brokerage Analysis
  • Business Commission
  • Interest calculation
  • Client Deposits Maintaining
  • Backup Maintaining