Web and Internet Developement

We specialize in building easy to use, informative websites. Research shows time and time again that what visitors rate most highly in a website is easy access to good quality information. By focusing on what the audience wants, not simply on what is easy to provide, we develop sites which are commended for their ease of use, richness of content and speed of access.

Our graphic designs and layouts are both functional and eye-catching. We have the capabilities to design flashy presentations or fast loading, focused web sites. We base our designs on the requirements, target audience, and goals of the site.

Some of our design capabilities include:

  • 3D graphics
  • Animations
  • Logos and custom graphic elements
  • Banner advertisements
  • Color coordinated layouts/presentations

Our website design and development activities are complemented by a full range of supporting services including web hosting, domain name registration, email and mailing list development, site promotion, analysis of visitor statistics, ongoing site management and a range of consultancy and advisory services