Messaging Solutions

With the increasing penetration of Internet among he masses they have become more acceptable to receiving information by e-mails. The benefits of sending information by e-mails are tremendous. The couriers and postage is done away with. Moreover, the e-mail is immediate, and hence there is no time lag. Another benefit of sending e-mails is that it is an environment friendly medium of information exchange. Keeping these requirements in mind, we have developed an Auto Emailer application which can be interfaced with any software for Auto Emailing.

Imagine a connected world where your employees, business associates and clients are in touch with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. Imagine that there software that run your business processes, automatically getting in touch with you to report a critical deviation, or alerting you of probable crisis. Imagine the power of remote mobile communication for sending critical information to a large number of employees or target groups instantly. We are into providing the ALERTS, PUSH SERVICES and 2 WAY SMS SERVICES to our existing customers.