E-Business Solutions

Landmark can provide you with a sophisticated, interactive database driven web site be it a B2B, B2C, Portal development, Auction site, Retailing or a Shopping Cart by effectively combining a user friendly interface with dynamic data from a Relational Database Management System. We can design a new database or connect to existing databases on a variety of different platforms.

To harness the full potential of the web, we pay a great deal of emphasis on interactive brand strategy of your company to effectively communicate information about you and your products/services to end users and clients. We do this by providing dynamic content based on user queries and preferences and facilitate your access to vital information about these users.

E-business is about employing the resources of the web to streamline and facilitate business functions. It allows you to connect and strengthen the existing links between customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and employees. We can make E-business work for you by web-enabling your existing technology infrastructure to work in Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments.

The internet can help you build brand equity and provide instant access to your products and services to customers. Intranets can substantially improve the efficiency of complex business processes within your organization. Extended Intranets or Extranets broaden the purview of your Intranet to suppliers and vendors. The right combination of these three technologies can provide you with lethal competitive advantage.