About Us.

We are a Software development and a business outsourcing company. We specialize in Client/Server, Web and Wireless applications. Our group of skilled professionals has experience working with a diverse industries including Finance, Accounting, Retail, Manufacturing, Inventory Management etc. This diverse experience gives us the insight to analyze your specific business needs and determine how you can best benefit from using the Internet as a business tool.

We provide innovative, effective and class quality Call Centers / BPO Services and assists customers by managing their back office operations, telemarketing, helpdesks services etc enabling them to focus on their key business priorities. We have the expertise to take care of your critical business processes through our network of experienced Call / BPO centers. Should your company ever have the need to outsource your inbound, outbound or BPO services? We can assist you with the best agency selection while managing the entire services from project assessment,script development,agent orientation,training and remote monitoring. We are your "Number One Source" for your entire Call Center / BPO needs.