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Landmark Solutions is a Software development and a business outsourcing company. We specialize in Client/Server, Web and Wireless applications. Our group of skilled professionals has experience working with a diverse industries including Finance, Accounting, Retail, Manufacturing, Inventory Management etc. This diverse experience gives us the insight to analyze your specific business needs and determine how you can best benefit from using the Internet as a business tool.

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Banking and Finance

With the prevasive nature of the Internet, the client is now not restricted by the physical proximity of the DP Branck office. He can view his Portifolio, Statement of Holdings, Query the transaction details and much more, all from the convenience of his office/home and at anytime of the day or night without needing to come to you except for the most urgent queries.

DP Online is fully secure for internet transactions implementing SSL bringing the powerful customer service to the client at a fraction of the cost that would be other wise expended in traditional manual client service modes. Also with clients entering instructions in this self-service model, a lot of data entry operations would be reduced for the DP's effectively reducing the back office requirements.

Enterprise Wide Solutions

Landmark's ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Solution for small, medium and large organisations, designed and developed keeping their key requirements in mind. This Solution can be customized and deployed fast track. It caters the requirements in ERP, HRM, CRM and SCM segments. The solution is fine tuned to the requirements if the small, medium and large enterprises in terms of investment and functionality.

The product is developed with Classic MRP - II methodology at the core of the functionality, which is integrated to the rest of the funcational modules and works as the central control point of the application. The application addresses the India sepcific requirements apart from the standard ERP functionalities.

Call Center / BPO / KPO


We provide innovative, effective and world - class quality Call Centers / Business Process Outsourcing Services and assists customers by managing their contact centers, back office operations and technical helpdesks, enabling them to focus on their key business priorities. We help companies respond to the dynamic new challenges of serving customers in both traditional call centers and multi channel contact centers in both B2B (business 2 business) and the B2C (Business 2 Consumer) arenas. We have the expertise to take care of your critical business processes through our network of expreienced call / BPO centers.

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